Published: Dec 31, 2022

Overview of Taeniasis Disease Profile in North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi Province

79-87 Yohana P, Afsahyana
Read Statistic: 11

An Analysis of Risk Factor for ARI Incidence in Toddlers in the Working Area of the Liwuto Public Health Center Baubau City

88-98 Leniarti Ali, Yuli Febriana
Read Statistic: 4

Determinant of ARI Incident in Toddlers in The Working Area of Tomia Health Center Wakatobi Regency

99-107 Sitti Marya Ulva, Finasti
Read Statistic: 4

Mapping the Malaria Receptivity Area in Biak Regency, Papua Province

108-117 Trivano Yonathan Lenakoly, Zusana Lena Tulak
Read Statistic: 9

Relationship between Individual Characteristics and Knowledge with Covid-19 Prevention in the Konda Health Center Area

118-126 Titi Saparina, Yustika Endah Rizky, Firmansyah, Mohamad Guntur Nangi
Read Statistic: 9

Identification of Environmental-Based Health Problems in Coastal Area of Mata Public Health Centre

127-135 Hariati Lestari
Read Statistic: 5

Literature Review: The Effect of Counseling on Knowledge of Reproductive Health of Prospective Bride and Grooms in Indonesia

136-146 Akhmadi Abbas, Silvia Ayu Amilia
Read Statistic: 4

The Effect of Health Service Quality on Patient Satisfaction Hospitalized of Malang Hospital

147-155 Silvia Intan Wardani, Ety Diana, Ivana Kusuma Widyawati
Read Statistic: 10

Analysis of the Budget Management and Performance of the Health Center in the Covid-19 Era at the Nambo Health Center, Kendari City

155-159 Sri Mulyani, Azlimin Azlimin, Muhammad Ikhsan Akbar
Read Statistic: 13